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Acasă | Turism | Razboiul preturilor din statiunile bulgare de iarna atinge apogeul

Razboiul preturilor din statiunile bulgare de iarna atinge apogeul

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Lupta pentru turiști a ajuns la apogeu în stațiunile de iarnă din Bulgaria, unde hotelurile se întrec în oferte promoționale pentru a atrage cât mai mulți vizitatori. Publicul-țintă este reprezentat de turiștii din Serbia, Macedonia, Grecia și Turcia, care în ianuarie se vor bucura de reduceri de 10-15%.

”Stațiunile de iarnă și stațiunile balneoclimaterice din Bulgaria au fost ocupate în procent de 100% datorită timpului favorabil și prețurilor atractive oferite. În ianuarie totuși bulgarii preferă să rămână acasă și să se concentreze pe servicii” a comentat Blagoy Ragin, președintele Asociației Hotelurilor și Restaurantelor din Bulgaria.

Hotelurile din Bulgaria au stabilit deja campaniile lor de reduceri pentru acest sezon, care includ reduceri pentru cazare în zilele de lucru, ca și proceduri de masaj și de spa gratuite.  

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Norma pe 18/01/2015 11:50:43
"And if you're looking for a tevral tip, get to Budapest before everyone else finds out. Great town and your dollars are still pretty good."Qweefster that was good advice 10 years ago. Next thing you'll tell us Prague is an undiscovered gem of a town. Come on man get with the times.
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Nimisha pe 21/01/2015 11:30:57
The HO data also includes some 1440 Romanians and 1060 Bulgarians epxemt from worker restrictions - i.e. people settled in the UK prior to 1 January, so the actual number of new entrants is significantly lower than the headline figure might suggest lnlorz [link=]dtzdpsqrafe[/link]
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Ali pe 22/01/2015 09:06:21
"leading to smaller, more<a href=""> ecfifient</a> cars, higher mileage and better public transportation as fewer residents can afford to drive their cars."Efficient wouldn't be a term I would use to describe a soda can on wheels. Europe has a lot of other reasons for higher public transportation and decreased use of cars (though undoubtedly ridiculous gas prices play a big role). But they didn't use cars so much even when their governments weren't psychotic. Centralized compact cities build on pre-car layouts play a big role...wheres the US developed on a much more spread out model way before the car existed. "On a per capita basis, US consume significantly more gas than other countries, although the quality of living is only marginally better in some case, and much worse in others. "One doesn't follow the other. What does quality of life have to do with oil consumption (past a certain point anyway?) Nothing. European countries are the equivalent of states in the US and very few Europeans commute or travel outside of their cities. Its a totally different land use and lifestyle."In contrast, U.S. "encourage" gas consumption with different oil subsidies in the name of creating jobs."??? Subsidies to oil amount to infinitely small amounts of no significance. They are not there to really subsidize oil. They are there for political reasons.
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Marlee pe 24/01/2015 21:23:28
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