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Acasă | Politic | GERB are un avantaj de 9% fata de socialisti

GERB are un avantaj de 9% fata de socialisti

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În cadrul alegerilor generale anticipate din 12 mai, 34% dintre alegători vor vota pentru fostul partid de guvernământ de centru-dreapta Cetățenii pentru o Dezvoltare Europeană a Bulgariei, GERB, potrivit ultimului sondaj. Principalul rival al GERB, Partidul Socialist Bulgar, BSP, va primi 25%, o diferență mult mai mare (9%) față de alte sondaje recente. Sondajul a fost realizat de Centrul Național de Studiere a Opiniei Publice din Bulgaria, NZIOM. Rezultatele sondajului reprezintă acel procent de alegători care au nominalizat o anumită formațiune politică drept alegerea lor fermă.

Potrivit aceluiași sondaj, partidul etnicilor turci din Bulgaria Mișcarea pentru Drepturi și Libertăți, DPS, va primi un procent de 13%, în timp ce partidul naționalist de extremă dreaptă, de asemeni, 9%. 19% din alegători vor vota pentru alte partide decât cele 4 menționate mai sus. 4 partide mici au șansa depășirii pragului de 4% pentru a putea intra în Parlament. Ele sunt Frontul Naționalist pentru Salvarea Bulgariei, partidul conservator Ordine, Lege și Justiție, RZS, partidul de dreapta Democrații pentru o Bulgarie Puternică, DSB și partidul de dreapta Bulgaria pentru Cetățeni al fostului comisar european Meglena Kuneva.

În ultimele zile a fost înregistrată o creștere a interesului față de Centru – Libertate și Demnitate, o coaliție între partidul fostului rege și premier Simeon de Saxa-Coburg și partidul tinerilor politicieni bulgari de etnie turcă de sub conducerea lui Kasim Dal care a părăsit DPS și Vocea Poporului al muzicianului rock Svetoslav Vitkov. 55% dintre votanți vor participa la alegeri. Experții NZIOM au subliniat că numărul partidelor care vor intra în viitorul Parlament este greu de estimat – între 4 și 7 potrivit estimărilor globale. Sondajul a fost realizat cu 4 zile înainte de ziua alegerilor.    

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Logan pe 19/01/2015 14:10:09
Today I was thinking about a book I read long time ago: Stefan Zweig's The World of Yesterday : a beftiuaul insight of how most Europeans became nationalistic psychos just prior to the beginning of the 1st WW. Zweig and a small group of thinking people were the only sane ones left in a Continent gone mad. The thought occurred to me that, like Zweig just before the big war, today's Europeans are in the need of some extreme ugliness in order to recover their sanity. Only when matters turn really ugly you can detonate a Weltanschauung. The white man conquered the world and then suffered a nervous breakdown, a kind of collective neurosis shared by an entire civilization. Dozens of nations across an entire continent are being deliberately destroyed and the natives stripped off their lands and culture. This represents perhaps the greatest crime of our age yet it is hardly talked about, and if it is, it is celebrated. FjordmanEurope has sinned against the holy ghost of their self-identity. Fjordman, however, doesn't explain why this happened. In my unpublished book I describe it as growth panic , a phrase I stole from psychohistorian Lloyd deMause. In a nutshell, let's take the sci-fi 1956 film Forbidden Planet . The psychohistorical model is complicated and in a mere post I can only convey the idea through a film image: when civilizations reach its peak, the monsters of the Id may destroy them. Pace Larry Auster, I'm closer to Mark Steyn in that Europe needs to be ruthlessly castigated --now. Even Obama's U.S. needs a good spanking. However, given the astronomic extent of today's betrayal, Europe needs something far more ugly. And that's why I think that fascist parties ought to reach power. Only after a nightmarish civil war Europeans will finally see the utter stupidity of their self-hate; of their anti-Americanism and anti-Israel stance; of their demographic suicidal rates among themselves; of the cultural relativism and multiculturalist lie. Cultural relativism is a whispering demon behind all of this mess. I have uploaded a YouTube video insulting Franz Boas and the anthropologists who first advanced the cultural relativist ideology. Too bad I speak in Spanish
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Melissa pe 20/01/2015 23:58:21
I told my <a href="">grotnmadher</a> how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"
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Warda pe 21/01/2015 16:32:48
Perhaps Brits are voting for what's aiavlable, the best of a bad lot. They are lodging a protest against the status quo which is horrendous in so many ways.It is good hygiene to dump politicians on a regular basis to avoid the professional vote seeker and minimize the corruption which takes a while to encrust new vessels like barnacles. Dumping under-performers and rewarding the few good eggs with re- election is also a salutary lesson for the new crew.It never ceases to amaze me how people focus only on the right and elide past the fact that leftist parties are extremely racist against whites as are many leftist constituencies like American blacks who voted over 95% for Obama and attend churches like his with black bigots as ministers. All affirmative action policies by leftist parties designed to lift supposedly disadvantaged groups identified by race alone instead of actual evidence come at the expense of whites, usually young. Since the latter have usually not benefited from nor practiced racism they are unfairly discriminated against. Meanwhile the designated "victim" groups include individuals who have not necessarily suffered racism and may in fact be practising it! (e.g. indictment last week in California of 150 Latino gang members for campaign of cleansing their town of blacks including killing them).It is also racist policy to flood every previously white country with non-European immigrants while the immigrants' countries of origin remain resolutely and uniformly non-white. Whites alone have to welcome multicult on pain of being called racists while every non-white can have his own "pure" country and colonize the white country of his choice as well.This discrepancy of required multicult is major racism. Whites are fools for accepting this lack of reciprocity.Open up Mexico for whites! If multicult is good north of the border, it must be south of the border as well, right? daxefjfkl [link=]humpmgt[/link]
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Gustavo pe 22/01/2015 16:12:08
Show me some member of BNP who can work with these<a href=""> seuelbtits</a>....<a href=""> seuelbtits</a> welcome by our readers or authors like Baron or Fjordman. In the past BNP had some obscure origins, like its former anti-Semitism. But it's basically right. You won't find<a href=""> seuelbtits</a> from politicians. That's not their job but ours. If we compare the current relativist Zeitgeist with Nazi Germany's, the current one is even worse. However monstrous eliminationist anti-Semitism was, Germans in the 1930s didn't want to commit ethnic and cultural suicide. The current politically-correct multicultural Zeitgeist (PCMZ) is worse because it's suicidal. One of our century's backfire problems has to do with history, with demanding unconditional surrender in World War 2 only to the Germans (if this step had to be taken, we should have done the same with Russians and Arabs when only we had the bomb). The demand of unconditional surrender backfired horribly because the healthy national aspects of European ethnic and national esteem were crushed after the war. And until the recent elections that's reflected in today's PCMZ: the extreme, and suicidal point to the left the Western pendulum has gone. In no way I'm advocating Nuremberg laws against Jews. On the contrary: I am a strong supporter of Israel. I'm just saying that the pendulum must find a healthy center between Hitler's thousand-year Reich and the current PCMZ (which is anti-Semitic by the way). It's just that simple. Hitler aside, if I had to chose between, say, Spain's general Franco and PCMZ Zapatero, I'd chose the generalissimo (as Solzhenytsin did in his time and Westereners didn't understand his wisdom at all).
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