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Acasă | Business | Bulgaria nu e supusă riscului pierderii finanțării prin programul operațional de asistență tehnică în 2012

Bulgaria nu e supusă riscului pierderii finanțării prin programul operațional de asistență tehnică în 2012

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Bulgaria nu e supusă riscului pierderii finanțării prin programul operațional de asistență tehnică în 2012 deoarece 21% din cheltuieli, ce depășesc obiectivul acestui an, au fost certificate ca rezultat al unei unei bune implementări financiare anuale, a afirmat șeful comitetului de monitorizate citat de (BTA) în cadrul celei de-a 11 întâlniri a acestuia derulată la Sofia.

La întâlnire s-a stabilit că finanțările programului au depășit 82 de milioane de leva adică 74% din bugetul total. Fondurile plătite au fost de 34,7 milioane de leva sau o treime din fondurile aflate la dispoziție. Deși este cel mai mic, acest program operațional dispune de o mare însemnătate pentru structurile de administrare ale fondurilor Uniunii Europene și rezultatele sale vor avea consecințe considerabile asupra sistemului a afirmat ministrul bulgar responsabil cu administrarea fondurilor europene, Tomislav Donchev. El a mai spus de asemeni că programul operațional de asistență din punct de vedere tehnic a investițiilor este responsabil cu organizarea a 28 de centre de informare, cu scopul furnizării de informații și expertiză pentru proiectele finanțate din fondurile structurale și de coeziune europene.

Membrii comitetului de monitorizare au susținut o moțiune a autorității administrative de ajustare a programului. Aceasta presupune redistribuirea finanțării în funcție de axele programului precum și desemnarea noilor beneficiari prioritari ai Axei Prioritare 1. Ei sunt Departamentul de Investiții Imobiliare din cadrul ministerului bulgar de finanțe și Asociația bulgară a municipalităților. 

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Juan pe 18/01/2015 20:07:03
Thanks for the chuckle, Paul. Yeah, those Baptist ldaeis can be real terrors when they want to be.When the idiot-in-chief of the U.S. decided to go after Iraq and Afghanistan my blood pressure went through the roof! Neither of those countries had a blasted thing to do with 9/11 but the Saudis and the so-called Palestinians certainly did.FOUR TIMES Bush could have killed Bin Laden but because his buddies, some Saudis were near him, he told our people NOT to get him...FOUR FREAKING TIMES!All the Bush administration did was to get us into something that makes Vietnam look like a walk in the park. The thousands of men and women who have been killed or horribly mangled have been a total waste of life. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld (when you go to war you go with what you have, not what you need) are ALL War Criminals and I just keep praying that a brain fart will get one of 'em to leave the country so they can be picked up and tried for wanton murder of innocent civilians.Of course, the reason behind his not punishing Saudi Arabia is because of his family ties to those cutthroats. Bush kissed them on the lips and holds hands with the offspring of unmarried parents. The kids who were killed in Bulgaria…I’m too upset still to say much about them except to wish them all of the wounded a speedy and full recovery and mourn those who were slaughtered by the enemies of decency and freedom.The perpetrators of that heinous crime will pay with their lives sooner or later.
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Shinobu pe 20/01/2015 05:57:19
Muslim fundamentalist jihad and the<a href=""> trisorrem</a> that goes with it is far more widespread than just Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. We're talking about a (mostly) disorganized population of millions that wants to kill and destroy anything that doesn't completely and unilaterally surrender to the strictest and most brutal form of Sharia.What the West refuses to acknowledge is that you can't negotiate or placate these people. They must be defeated and destroyed because anything else is seen as weakness and will only invite further attack.And no, I don't think this applies to all Muslims, but the jihadis are not an insignificant splinter group either.
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Putri pe 21/01/2015 12:33:18
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Davi pe 22/01/2015 13:27:01
lol Yes, he's such a bestseller that they<a href=""> pihsulbed</a> one book, 500 copies I think, and they are still available everywhere, because no one is buying them! lol I can tell you this, I know the person who actually suggested to a certain publisher that they should buy Stanek's work...
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